Mentoring Tips for Mentors: How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With Your Mentee?

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With Your Mentee
Menti Mentor İlişkisi
How exciting! You have been matched with a mentee and are now getting your first meeting.  We have created a short checklist for you. Try to collect information prior to the meetingIf possible, meet in person for the first meetingTake time to get to know each otherDefine your roles, goals, and expectationsSign off on your mentoring a...
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What is TurkishWIN Mentoring Program?

mentor menti ilişkisi
turkishwin mentoring
mentorWIN Program
mentoring menti
One of the trademark experiences we offer at TurkishWIN is our mentoring program. We cannot wait for you to join us! The TurkishWIN mentoring program matches TurkishWINners with peer-to-peer, senior-to-junior, Diaspora-Turkey, or local mentor/mentee connections. You decide whom you would like to meet! For example, you can pick a reverse m...
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What to Expect in Your Mentoring Journey at TurkishWIN

Mentorluk menti
We wish you an inspiring mentoring journey! We have created a short list of reminders to accompany you in this fabulous journey. Check Out Our Mentoring GuideWe poured our love and mind into this comprehensive mentoring guide. Think of this guide as your companion:-) Enjoy your 6-month Journey The TurkishWIN mentoring matches ar...
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Join the TurkishWIN Mentoring Program Today!

 "Understand your strengths and play on them. Forget about your weaknesses. We all have weaknesses." - Ayşegül İldenizThe TurkishWIN mentoring program matches TurkishWIN members with peer-to-peer, senior-to-junior, Diaspora-Turkey, or local-to-local mentor/mentee connections. We recommend that our matched mentors/mentees have at least 6 meetin...
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Our New Mentoring Service is Now Online

TurkishWIN Mentoring Guide April2021
 We are super happy and excited: We have launched our new mentoring service today. We have distilled your feedback from over  1000+ mentoring matches, our brain trust members’ suggestions, and our team’s creative input and here we are!   We have updated our Mentoring Program to give our members the most control and flexibil...
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TurkishWIN'den Kadın Girişimcilere Destek

TurkishWIN'den Kadın Girişimcilere Destek

TurkishWIN, TechConnect Mentorluk programı ile teknoloji ve bioteknoloji alanındaki kadın girişimcileri Silikon Vadisi ve New York'taki mentorlerle buluşturuyor. 1 yıl olarak dizayn edilen bu program, girişimci kadınların hayallerini gerçekleştirmeyi hedefliyor. TEB KOBİ TV'nin Melek Pulatkonak ile yaptığı röportajın tamamını izlemek için tıklayın.

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“TurkishWIN TechConnect” Mentöring programının lansmanı yapıldı

“TurkishWIN TechConnect” Mentöring programının lansmanı yapıldı
Türkiye ile bağı olan dünya vatandaşı kadınların birbirlerine ilham ve güç vermesi amacıyla kurulan TurkishWIN, Dell ana sponsorluğunda gerçekleşecek olan ve teknoloji/bioteknoloji gibirişimlerini Amerika ve Türkiye'deki mentörlerle eşleştiren "TurkishWIN Tech Connect" mentörlük programını 3 Eylül Salı günü duyurdu. Haberin ayrıntılarını buradan ok...
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