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Businesses that have at least 30% women in leadership positions have a 15% higher ROI.

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DEI Consulting

DEI Consulting

We work on your company’s DEI strategy and roadmap. We set up bi-weekly and monthly calls for momentum and your DEI learning journey.   

Give Back Development

Give Back Development

We amplify your corporate social responsibility programs’ reach and impact to build a gender equal future. 

Employee Development

Employee Development

We support the career engagement of your senior women leaders through mentoring, agile events and speaking engagements.

All participating members from your company will have access to the TurkishWIN Community, programs and perks.

Why Diversity Matters

Earn More

The most diverse companies were 35 percent more likely to have above-average earnings in their industries (McKinsey & Co)

Retain Talent

Of employees surveyed would leave their company for a more diverse organization (Deloitte)

Include to Innovate

When employees “think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included,’ their ability to innovate increases (Fenwick and West)

Our Corporate Members

Borusan Kocabıyık Vakfı
Petrol Ofisi
Yıldız Holding

Case Studies

#GiveBack Development

Azelis is a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemical and food ingredients industry present in 57 countries across the globe. Azelis entered into the Turkish market in 2007 and serves a vast number of sectors from paint, coatings, plastic additives to homecare and industrial cleaning, from pharma and healthcare to food, nutrition and personal care.  ... Azelis Turkey’s primary objective is consistent growth in the highly competitive specialty chemicals market in Turkey. The company provides a diverse range of products and innovative services to customers. Azelis Turkey teams' in-depth local knowledge is supported by a global structure and value-added services including high-level technical support and tailored solutions.

In 2021 Azelis Turkey joined us as our corporate member and we created many role model videos for the pharma sector together. Then in 2022 Azelis became one of the Founding Circle Supporters of the Million Women Mentors Turkey movement to be part of our give back development!  The goal is to establish 1 million mentoring connections within 10 years and  Azelis supports us with an amazing volunteer mentor team on the way to this goal.

#GiveBack Development

Beba Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation creates passion, ignites enthusiasm, and prepares mindsets of the innovative youth and female entrepreneurs by implementing continuous educational and training activities, mentorship, and outreach programs. ... Led by Ümran Beba, co-founder of Beba Foundation, TurkishWIN worked with the Beba Foundation team to localize the program design and implementation strategy of the Million Women Mentors movement in Turkey. Million Women Mentors – Turkey is an initiative to create a network of mentoring programs supporting female high school students, university students, and young professionals seeking careers in STEM in Turkey.

Million Women Mentors – Turkey's goal is to establish 1 million mentoring connections within 10 years. Beba Foundation is not only the amazing partner who brought this idea and partnership to Turkey but they are also the Founding Circle Supporter and an amazing mentor team actively inspiring young women every day. Leveraging her digital sisterhood platform BinYaprak and mentoring know-how, TurkishWIN is now the operating partner of the Million Women Mentor Turkey movement. In this co-creation, we have amplified each other's giveback reach and impact. We are inspired by the Beba Foundation team every day!

#DEI Consulting #GiveBack Development

Borusan Holding is a Turkish industrial group with activities in steel manufacturing, car distribution, energy generation and logistics. Borusan Holding has been a TurkishWIN member from 2012 through 2019. The group was the founding sponsor of the TurkishWIN Career Day and a supporter of the CampusWIN Academy program. ...

In 2015, when the company decided to set strategic vision to build a 360-degree program for female employees, the TurkishWIN team met with the core leadership team on a regular basis to co-create the strategy and to expand the focus to building an inclusive culture. We are proud to share that we are also the naming mother of the “Borusan Eşittir” program. We have aligned all Borusan activities to the new platform and continued our support aligning with TurkishWIN activities until 2019. “Borusan Eşittir” is now an amazing best practice on how DEI leadership runs on Employee Resource Groups in Turkey.

#GiveBack Development #Employee Development

Founded in 1984 to develop applications for personal computers, Logo is one of the biggest software companies in Turkey. With the solutions, services, and innovations offered, Logo has become Turkey’s software industry innovation leader. ... Our corporate member Logo’s passion has been to attract more female talent to the IT sector and build a continuous learning culture with inclusion as one of the pillars. Logo women have participated in the Speaker Club, mentoring program and at CampusWIN Academy events.

In 2021, Logo became one of the Founding Circle Supporters of the Million Women Mentors Turkey movement! Logo has one of the biggest volunteer mentor teams and has been a super active in helping us shape the program design. We love their innovative and agile input in helping us reach 1 million mentoring connections for young women in STEM!

#GiveBack Development #Employee Development #DEI Consulting

Sanko Enerji Group, one of the leading investors in the Turkish Energy market, develops, installs, and operates 100% renewable energy power plants and then sells and trades the electricity generated by these power plants. ... Led by Sedef Karagöz, Deputy General Manager, the group's objective was to develop the company's gender inclusion strategy and roll out a 12-month plan for successful implementation.

The Sanko and TurkishWIN teams held bi-weekly meetings until they reached the strategy development milestone. TurkishWIN team introduced Sanko officials to industry peers with best practices, international organizations, and NGOs for network development and peer learning. Sanko's female leaders joined the TurkishWIN membership platform and enrolled in the mentoring and Speaker Club programs. These initiatives contributed to the team's development and amplified their collective giveback circles. As the inclusive culture deepens at Sanko Enerji Group, we will have more milestones to celebrate!

#GiveBack Development #Employee Development

UPS is the world’s premier package delivery company and a leading provider of global supply chain management solutions. UPS Turkey has been our corporate member since 2011. Our team works hand-in-hand with the “The Women Leadership Development” team at UPS to meet the company’s strategic objectives. ... The objectives progressed over time from attracting female talent to the logistics sector to engaging employees - allies and women- to give back together. Our UPS members actively engage in the mentoring, CampusWIN Academy and Speaker Club programs. To scale give back and impact, we have designed a new platform, Women Leadership Platform (Kadın Liderlik Platformu), to provide a network for companies to share best practices on diversity and inclusion to accelerate knowledge sharing and to support change.

In 2014, we launched Women Leadership Platform (WLP) in partnership with KAGIDER and UPS Turkey. UPS employees volunteer their time and the UPS Foundation supports this initiative. Since 2014, more than 400 companies have participated in WLP events for peer learning and experience sharing to build or deepen inclusive culture in their organizations. We love to co-create with this team and are looking forward to charge forward with new ideas and deepen our impact circles!

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