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To elevate your global network. TurkishWIN offers you a platform to invest in your career and to join a sisterhood tribe to pay it forward.

Welcome to TurkishWIN

Your Sisterhood Network for Change

TurkishWIN is a global community of women with cultural, professional or family ties to Turkey. We network for change.

Our members are individuals or corporations. Our individual members have over 7-years of work experience. Our corporate members are investors in their diversity and inclusion agenda.

We invite around 100 university students to our CampusWIN Academy program. Together, we work towards gender equal campuses and our future vision of Turkey.

Our network has chapters in Istanbul, Ankara, Germany, Holland, London, New York, Washington DC and California.

We have a full-time, rockstar team. In partnership with our braintrust, circle leaders, CampusWInners, corporate members and partners we run our programs and impact platforms.


TurkishWIN was founded by Melek Pulatkonak in 2010 in New York. Inspired by TED, TurkishWIN is designed as a network that connects members, content and activities to change the ratio.

TurkishWIN is the only global network that connects her women in the diaspora to homeland for collective action.

To hear our Founder’s story, watch Melek’s TEDx Talk here

TurkishWIN is a social business, run with membership revenues from individual and corporate members. If you would like to be part of our change-maker platform, join us as a member.
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