TurkishWIN represents The New Woman! She's socially responsible, career-oriented, believes in sisterhood, takes motherhood seriously and seeks equal partnerships. I learned so much at every event. I'm proud to be a part of it. Join us!

Leyla Alaton -  Board Member, Alarko Holding


I truly believe in TurkishWIN’s mission to provide support, connections, and inspiration for all of us. Every event, every meeting have been a rewarding experience and source of motivation to increase my activities to encourage female students in STEM. TurkishWIN represents a new world where we as Women find ways to help each other, share our experiences and grow together.

Come and be a part of Sisterhood!

Elif Gürdal - Country Director, Dassault Systemes

TurkishWIN supported me and my startups by encouraging me to push further, to meet like minded entrepreneur women and helped me reach a wider audience with my ideas.

Melis Abacıoğlu - Founder, Welbees & Kızlar Sahada

For me TurkishWIN epitomizes a dream platform where I personally get inspired, learn, unlearn, network and at the same time give back to the very community that laid the foundation for who I am.

Nilüfer Durak - COO, Solvoyo

Network for Change, You Are Not Alone

Designed for Trailblazers


Welcome to TurkishWIN! 

TurkishWIN is a global community of women with cultural, professional or family ties to Turkey.  We are a network of strong, successful women who are part of a movement to empower Turkish women in their dreams and careers. 


Membership requirements

  • Established career with 7+ years of experience with global career aspirations 

  • A cultural, family or business connection to Turkey (i.e. you do not have to be or speak Turkish to apply) 

  • Passion and commitment to lead and support programs to build a gender-equal future


Feel the Sisterhood’s Support



Join our mentoring program to learn and grow with another amazing member

Community Circles

Join industry, interest, location and giveback-based groups to learn from each other, discuss trends and/or take collective action to give back.

Connection Club

Come together with our community powerhouse at virtual and in-person monthly networking gatherings.

Mastermind Circles

Share leads and needs in intimate peer circles

The TurkishWIN Platform

Network on Demand

Digital Networking

Meet open-minded and open-hearted women on our digital networking platform 24/7.


Attend our unique events hosted by experts in our community and outside.


Learning Center

Access book recommendations and our event video archives at our digital Learning Center.

Co-Creation Opportunities

Connect and co-conspire with our wide network of partners leading women empowerment initiatives in Turkey

Give Back Opportunities

Support rising women leaders in Turkey 

Legacy Circles

Contribute to our monthly meetings and build up your legacy.

Give Back Platforms

Design your contribution at our give back platforms BinYaprak, Milyon Kadina Mentor and CampusWIN Academy.

Leadership Opportunities

Lead a circle, bring your expertise and network.

Membership Types

Our membership dues are annual. You can join any time and renew one year later.










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