Behind every successful woman is an army of women

TurkishWIN is the first global network that brings like-minded women with a passion to change the gender ratio.


A Global Sisterhood for Open-Hearted Women

We excel at our best with our sisterhood’s support. We give back together and leave a legacy not just through the work we do but the relationships we create and the women we impact along the way.

year old
global sisterhood
 in 7 countries
in digital reach with give back activities
give back networks
created and active
in funding generated
 for >3000 women in microcredit

Global Sisterhood

Build Your Network for Change



Match with TurkishWINners to learn and grow together and/or mentor in our giveback programs.

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Events & Networking

Connect with like-minded women with open hearts and minds from all around the world at events, our digital portal and in interest circles.
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Speaker Club

Share your voice, stories, mistakes, career tips, and our motto “If I did it, so can you!”

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Give Back

Choose a GiveBack opportunity to serve and support Turkey’s rising female leaders.

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Our Mission

We imagine a world where every woman can realize her potential. We exist to inspire, support and celebrate women in their journey for self actualization in Turkey and abroad in a global sisterhood.

Boost or Start Your DEI Program

Become a Corporate Member

TurkishWIN welcomes Corporate Members  who are looking for ways to bring real support to  firmwide diversity initiatives. We are your strategic partner and will co-create an annual journey supporting your employee, network, or content development to meet your strategic objectives.


There are two ways for corporations to join TurkishWIN:

1. Become a member as an organization

2. Sponsor women within your organization to join TurkishWIN 

Businesses that have at least 30% women in leadership positions have a 15% higher ROI

Sharing Is Caring

Thought Leadership

TurkishWIN is the only global network of women that gives back in scalable, digital platforms to empower women in Turkey.

Our Members Say

Sisterhood Rocks!

Our sisterhood is where you belong, 

You will find a community 

where you are recognized for your achievements, and have an opportunity to multiply the impact of your success by helping other women grow.

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