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TurkishWIN ♥️

TurkishWIN supported me and my startups by encouraging me to push further, to meet like minded entrepreneur women and helped me reach a wider audience with my ideas.

I met TurkishWIN in 2012. That's when I realized how important it was to convey my experiences.

It was my greatest happiness to enlighten the paths for everyone who embarked on a career journey, to give them my  hand, to convey to them how important it is to walk the path they  believe in. TurkishWIN is an important bridge for anyone who wants to make his/her dreams come true.

TurkishWIN offers a lovely circle of supportive, inspiring women who are each brilliant in their own wonderful ways. TurkishWIN marks the beginning of a new era where women collaborate and share with each other while generating hope and inspiration for all.  Join us in shaping the future.

"My reverse mentor changed my point of view in using technology and Internet. he taught me new applications about the issues I want to learn more. She made me to learn more about new trends and technological updates. I know I have more to learn from her. I am grateful that I am one of the first mentees in the Reverse Mentoring Program!

Beba Foundation's mission is to give back, and support young and women entrepreneurs. Million Women Mentors - Turkey Program is a huge undertaking that will have a significant impact in many women's lives and we are proud to be one of the Founding Members. We can't think of a better partner than TurkishWIN and their BinYaprak platform to run the program in the field. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude have ensured flawless execution so far and we are confident we will reach our goal of 1 million mentoring connections within 10 years.

As a global minded professional I'm so glad to be a part of TurkishWIN as I get inspired, learn and grow my network with valuable same minded women who believe in sisterhood as I do. Since I am a TurkishWINner I live by our motto: ‘If she did it so can I! 

I truly believe in TurkishWIN’s mission to provide support, connections, and inspiration for all of us. Every event, every meeting have been a rewarding experience and source of motivation to increase my activities to encourage female students in STEM. TurkishWIN represents a new world where we as Women find ways to help each other, share our experiences and grow together.

Come and be a part of Sisterhood!

For me TurkishWIN epitomizes a dream platform where I personally get inspired, learn, unlearn, network and at the same time give back to the very community that laid the foundation for who I am.

As an avid believer in women’s circles and one of the long standing supporters of TurkishWIN, I was very happy to oblige when I was approached to become a TurkishWIN mentor. I would like to thank the team for giving us this opportunity to meet and grow together.

Our partnership with TurkishWIN elevated WLD’s position and presence in the company and amplified their passion for diversity in the corporate community. We are thankful to TurkishWIN for continued inspiration and helping us create networks for change.

As a professional, I always believe in collective wisdom and common sense. Looking from different perspectives with different approaches definitely adds value to our lives. So when I learned about the program I literally Jumped on it. It is very precious to use other minds and experiences especially ıf you can catch the right frequency. Thanks to TurkishWIN and the sisterhood now I have another powerful mind by my side.

Long before my entrepreneurship adventure… Exactly 10 years ago, my path crossed with TurkishWIN. When I was a newly graduated and an employee in corporate, I started to attend TurkishWIN events. I met and listened to the stories of such valuable women there, and now I understand that the stories of those women planted hope in my heart which motivated and pushed me to make decisions at the crossroads. I’m very happy to be a part of this family and hope all women, sisters in this family chase after their dreams like me. 

As Sanko Enerji Group we prioritize gender equality, in line with this policy we joined to TurkishWIN in 2022. Thanks to TurkishWIN, we are able to touch many women all over the World in business life. We believe in sisterhood and network are very important aspects to support women. This network is very insipiring and makes us feel more connected and powerful. We are very pleased to be a part of TurkishWIN and we wish this network will continously grow by other companies’ and womens’ participation.

TurkishWIN represents The New Woman! She's socially responsible, career-oriented, believes in sisterhood, takes motherhood seriously and seeks equal partnerships. I learned so much at every event. I'm proud to be a part of it. Join us!

We have been a corporate membership of TurkishWIN since 2011 to increase women workforce and leadership in the private sector companies and raise awareness to empower women more for further leadership positions in top managerial positions. And being in collaboration with TurkishWIN  as a strategic partner to touch and elevate women in business life helps us to improve impact and create a sisterhood based network.

I was mentoring in the TurkishWIN Mentoring Program for a while. However, when I heard about the Reverse Mentoring Program, at which I could have a chance to get to know the new generation, understand them better, work with them more efficiently and in a harmony in my workplace, I didn’t want to miss the chance. It was a great experience to see their accountability in their responsibilities, conducted their mentoring job in a very planned, sincere and earnest way.

I had a perfect experience in TurkishWIN’s reverse mentoring program. TurkishWIN matched me with a brilliant young lady with a very relevant background. I was able to receive very effective mentoring on my “Generation Y & Z ” challenges (applicable to work and home!), and most importantly, I was able to get to know an extremely wise young person. Thank you TurkishWIN!

CampusWIN ♥️

I am one of those who have had the chance to feel the valuable support of the TurkishWIN family for most of my university life. While many people around me were full of questions about business life, I had the opportunity to reach many people to ask the questions in my mind, to listen to their life stories and to get to know many companies closely. I want to continue with this network, feeling the support of the TurkishWIN, sisterhood (most of all, the beloved Ankara team). Thanks TurkishWIN!

If they asked me: What was the best thing you did in your university life? The answer is being a member of the TurkishWIN family. I say TurkishWIN because; Since I joined about 2.5 years ago, I gained sisters from around Turkey. By leading a committee, I learned a lot about team spirit, team communication, and how I should behave in what situations.

The motto of TurkishWIN, "If she did it, so can I" was one of my life-changing quotes. The people I saw before joining here were always inaccessible; ss a result of the numerous events and beautiful workshops I attended, my source of inspiration has greatly increased.

I have met TurkishWIN when I was a sophomore student, since then I have become a part of the sisterhood with full of inspiration and support. We all share different stories and experiences with each other, this is our power to learn and grow better together. I am always proud to be part of my TurkishWIN family. 

I met TurkishWIN thanks to Refiye Yazici is my first mentor of my startup  (ustamdan.com)  since 2014.  We are always encourage and exchange information  , keep in touch with each others in CampusWIN  and also we can always improve ourselves together, I feel so lucky to be part of such an  amazing sisterhood  community.

All the powerful women I met, my mentor, all my sisters gave me a completely different perspective. I am very happy to work with people who are always looking for more, coming together for inspiration, believing in the power of making their dreams come true by helping each other, and collecting so many good memories. I realized that the more you hug TurkishWIN and the more confidently you lean your back on it, the tighter it will hold on to you. Thank you TurkishWIN family for everything!

I met TurkishWIN thanks to Refiye Yazici is my first mentor of my startup  (ustamdan.com)  since 2014.  We are always encourage and exchange information  , keep in touch with each others in CampusWIN  and also we can always improve ourselves together, I feel so lucky to be part of such an  amazing sisterhood  community.

With TurkishWIN, I had the opportunity to get to know and listen to valuable and successful business women whom I would not have the opportunity to have in daily life. I realized that the people with dream positions are actually just like us, and this gave me a serious awareness. Thank you very much for everything. Glad that I have you TurkishWIN!

TurkishWIN was my biggest tool and reason to learn something new and rediscover myself day by day. Now, I will continue as TurkishWINner, continuing to be a member of this family. Thanks TurkishWIN!

I first came across TurkishWIN during my sophomore year and joined as a CampusWINner. My favourite thing about TurkishWIN is engaging in female empowerment in many ways: mentorship, activities, communities etc. Besides building a sense of a sisterhood, TurkishWIN is still teaching me how to be the best version of myself! 

The leaders I had the opportunity to meet and be friends with from different universities, everything I learned from them, the values they gave me, thousands of moments and moments full of laughter were the best part of this priceless experience. Bringing us together, giving us more of the generosity to help, and standing by our side when we need help, TurkishWIN is now one of the ways we define ourselves as Campus Leaders
I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that while I was describing TurkishWIN, it opened my horizons and made me transform into a completely different person. Every time I felt discouraged, unsuccessful, or unhappy, a woman who had the same fears, experienced the same excitement, suffered the same disappointments but finally succeeded, inspired me. In short, TurkishWIN has achieved its purpose. From the very first moment, she managed to make me say 'If he can do it, so can I.'

Ever since the day I joined TurkishWIN, you have always trusted and given me responsibility, made me believe that I could do better, and made me feel like a part of the team. TurkıshWIN means a network that comforts you when you are sad, shares your happiness when you are happy, transforms the "I" into "we" and always takes you forward.

Being a TurkishWIN Campus Leader comes at the top of my glad to have list throughout my university life. TurkishWIN has taught me more than I can tell in one paragraph. TurkishWIN is a very diverse school where you can find people like you and where you can hear your own voice loudest.

BinYaprak ♥️

BinYaprak, bu keyifli röportaj için teşekkür ederim. Hayatıma giren ve bana yol gösteren harika insanları anma fırsatım oldu.
Başarı her zaman inanmaktır. Mesleklerin cinsiyeti yoktur. Daima kadınların gücüyle!
Türkiye'de böylesine güzel insanların var olduğunu anlamak umutlarımı artırıyor.
BinYaprak bu kalitesi, bu ölçeği ve kardeşliği güçlendirme vizyonuyla güzel ülkemin tek platformudur.
Videolarınız bana ilham verdi. Şans eseri böyle harika bir kanal hazırladınız çünkü yolun başındaydım, tam olarak geç kalmadım ve bu güzel hikayeler sayesinde kabuğumdan çıkıp hayata atılmaya karar verdim. Çalışmanız için teşekkürler.
Özellikle günümüzde evde sıkışıp kaldığımızda bizi paylaşan, destekleyen, dinleyen kız kardeşimizin varlığı çok değerlidir. BinYaprak WOL Çemberleri sayesinde hem kariyer hem de kişisel konularda arkadaşım olan kız kardeşlerimle tanıştım. Hayalleri için çalışan sevgili kız kardeşlerimle yollarımızın kesişmesine çok sevindim.
Kendimi üzgün hissettiğimde ve motive olmam gerektiğinde bu videoyu açıp izliyorum. Sonsuza kadar teşekkür ederim.
Gözlerim yaşlarla dolu izledim. Muhteşem. İşte kadınların gücü.
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