10 TurkishWINners, with less than 10 years of experience, attended to an incredible 3 week change management workshop designed and lead by Rana Ozseke... Continue reading
TurkishWINners enjoyed Learning Circle with Derya Açar Ergüç, Director of Communication and Administration at the Istanbul-based cultural institution ... Continue reading
TurkishWINners enjoyed a Learning Circle; "Let Your Feminine Power Shine” workshop. This inner work facilitated by Burcu Yalman, a Professional Certif... Continue reading
Led by Chef & Trainer Semen Oner, TurkishWIN members learned how to build super teams in an interactive workshop. Only teams can chase the stars. ... Continue reading

TurkishWINners met at Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah for Learning Circle "Art of hosting" with Pınar Kartal Timer, General Manager of Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah on February 16th.

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TurkishWIN took a step towards a healthier life with Ebru Şinik on March 16th. TurkishWINners experienced the breathing technique to reduce stress level with exploring the magic balance of mind, body and soul. 

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TurkishWINners enjoyed a leaning circle by Lİfeco team members. Feeling of burn out affects our productivity levels and drains us of energy, happiness and peace.

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TurkishWINners interested in luxury marketing, luxury brand management and luxury goods joined us for a Leaning Circle with Armaggan CEO Ebru Karacam entitled “A New Definition of Luxury.”

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International product manager Sami Hadid introduced TurkishWINners to the emerging technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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On August 4th, TurkishWINners in NYC were inspired by Ebru Tuygun, Digital and Marketing Director with Accenture, as she shared her experiences at the... Continue reading

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