Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny


Have you ever thought what your best version could be? Ebru Şinik, the founder of Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Center, encouraged us to explore this question!

We started our gathering first learning about our genes. Ebru Şinik shared with us that 98% of our genes may change radically depending on our daily choices. External factors might be affecting our lives much more than our genetic attributes. A study revealed that only 5% of women with breast cancer actually carried the sick genes, while the remaining 95% got breast cancer due to external factors. Control your environment, rule your destiny!

Our lecture followed chapters in Ebru’s new book “Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny” and a book signing followed.

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Here are a few notable mentions from this information packed learning circle:

  • We have a biological clock in us- the circadian rhythm. A few hours after sunset, the watch says, "Take the body to a process of renewal." That’s why sleeping well is an important point for well-aging. Follow the sun!
  • 85% -90% of the serotonin -aka the happiness neurotransmitter- is synthesized at the intestines. Therefore, our happiness is directly related to the health of our digestive system. Don't be obsessive about nutrition but eat clean. Clean nutrition means “not eating anything that was not around 100 years ago.”
  • Leverage the power of your breath. The most important difference between mouth breath and nose breath is that the nitric oxide beds in our sinuses are activated as we breathe through the nose. This leads to our veins expanding and the risk reduction of a heart attack. Our hormones are secreted as a result of our activities. For example, pretending to bite a pencil makes your brain think you're laughing and you secrete serotonin. Isn’t that amazing! That's why proper breathing ensures that our hormones work correctly.

We thank Ebru Şinik for giving us deep insights and hope – hope that our genes are not our destiny.  Ferko Signature Assembly, our home, thank you for hosting us.

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