Our New Mentoring Service is Now Online


 We are super happy and excited: We have launched our new mentoring service today. We have distilled your feedback from over  1000+ mentoring matches, our brain trust members’ suggestions, and our team’s creative input and here we are!   

We have updated our Mentoring Program to give our members the most control and flexibility in finding another WINner to share experiences. 

What has changed? 

  • All mentor profiles are now visible and searchable by all members. 
  • Mentors can set capacity and availability. 
  • Mentees will apply to mentors directly. In the past, our team facilitated the matchings. 
  • Mentors will respond to mentoring requests directly! And voila, the mentoring journey begins.  
  • We will also enroll our CampusWINners as mentors for reverse mentoring. 

What did not change? 

  • The mentoring journey is still for  6 months. 
  • Our team is still here to assist you at every step of the way. 
  • The magical connections are still the work of the mentor and the mentee. 


Check Out Our New Mentoring Guide 

We are thrilled to share with you our newly updated Mentoring Guide here. We are grateful to the Evolve team and our brain trust for their contributions. 


TurkishWIN Mentoring Guide April2021


If you are a current mentee or mentor in the system,  please update your profile to show off your shiny and fabulous self. We cannot wait for you to create your mentoring magic again! 

If you are not familiar with our mentoring program, no worries!  The TurkishWIN mentoring program matches TurkishWIN members with peer-to-peer, senior-to-junior, Diaspora-Turkey, or local-to-local mentor/mentee connections. We recommend that our matched mentors/mentees have at least 6 meetings in this six months long program and meet more frequently in the first couple of months. After six months, you will decide how to end the program. Usually, you now have a new sister from another mister- whom you will meet at your own pace- after your mentoring matching period is over. 

We are grateful to our MentorWIN brain trust members for their contributions:  Ayşe Öktem, Ayşıl Akcanbaş, Bahar Moralıgil Kağıtçıbaşı, Funda Kıvrıkoğlu, Polen Gökbuget and Seray Nasırlı.  You are amazing! 

You can join the TurkishWIN Mentoring program by joining us as a member. Our membership application is online at this link. Our dues are annual and you can join us any time based on a 12-month  rolling subscription. We cannot wait to meet you! 

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