Mentoring Tips for Mentors: How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With Your Mentee?


How exciting! You have been matched with a mentee and are now getting your first meeting.  

We have created a short checklist for you. 

  • Try to collect information prior to the meeting
  • If possible, meet in person for the first meeting
  • Take time to get to know each other
  • Define your roles, goals, and expectations
  • Sign off on your mentoring agreement
  • Determine the logistics
  • Work on a development plan
  • Discuss how you will give and receive feedback
  • Discuss development activities and how you will measure
  • success
  • Discuss career development objectives
  • Make an action plan

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With Your Mentee

Getting Ready

  • Review the mentee's LinkedIn profile and mentoring objective
  • Reflect on how you will introduce yourself to your mentee
  • Check out SWOT or GROW models to frame your mentee's development journey
  • Leave your day-to-day activities behind.

Menti Mentor İlişkisi

Questions To Simmer On

  • What kind of assistance can you provide to your mentee?
  • Where were you physically and mentally in your mentee's age or work stage?
  • What kind of meetings will you have together?
  • How often will you meet?
  • Where will you meet?
  • What are the key factors you believe are important for a successful mentor-mentee relationship?
  • Think about what the basic principles are for you in the mentoring relationship.
  • Think about how you find meaning in the mentoring process.
  • Think about what you might have in common and differing aspects. These conversations help initiate and strengthen the relationship.
  • Think about what subjects you can experience and contribute to your mentee.
  • Am I a good listener? Can I listen effectively? How long can I keep my focus? How much of my focus is on myself and what I want to say?
  • How open are my questions? How many questions do I ask to understand the other party, to make them think, and to broaden their perspective? How much and/or in what situations do I tend to ask closed, judgmental questions and narrow down the options?

We hope this checklist was useful for you! 

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