Meet A WINner: Nilgün Akdoğan


Nilgün Akdoğan is a powerhouse and the co-lead of our Germany Circle. Nilgün is the founder of DAS Akademie Izmir & Berlin, LTA Technology In...

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Meet A WINner: Ekim Şerifoğlu Okçular


We would like to introduce you to our sister Ekim Şerifoğlu Okçular. We are lucky to have Ekim, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations a...

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Meet A WINner: Sebnem Erdol


We would like to introduce you to our member, TurkishWINner, Sebnem Erdol in our Pharma Circle. She certainly wins the prize to make distances not mat...

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Meet A WINner: Eylem Samland


Meet a WINNer,  Eylem Samland, a member of our Germany Circle. Eylem is the Managing Director of mibeTech in Berlin, leading a team of 30, produc...

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Meet A WINner: Sanem Yıldız


Aren't we lucky to have a trailblazer like Sanem Yildiz in our braintrust! We are grateful to Sanem for contributing to the CampusWIN Academy program ...

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Meet A WINner: Simla Hasanreisoğlu


Following her graduation from German School, Simla obtained her BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Engineering Management from Bosphorus Universit...

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Meet A WINner: Elif Tutum Tuncer


We are so proud to have Elif co-lead our People & Culture Circle as well as our DEI programs.  Elif Tutum Tuncer moved to the Netherlands a f...

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Meet A WINner: Pırıl Kadıbeşegil Yaşar

Pırıl Kadıbeşegil Yaşar
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We are very proud to have Pırıl Kadıbeşegil Yaşar, a sustainability leader, lead our Germany Circle! To celebrate world environment day, we got to kno...

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Meet A WINner: Nazım Ünlü

Nazım Ünlü Nazım Ünlü

We are very happy to have Nazım Ünlü, an HR leader, lead our Pharma Circle! To highlight the importance of diverse backgrounds, we got to know him a l...

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Meet A WINner: Funda Sivrikaya Şerifoğlu


We are so grateful to Funda Sivrikaya Şerifoğlu, for her endless support and contributions to our giveback programs. Funda is our MentorWIN Program BR...

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