Meeting of CampusWIN Captains


CampusWIN is the leadership  program of the Turkish Women's International Network and BinYaprak. CampusWINners lead the change they want to see at university campuses for a gender equal future in the society and at the workplace. They organize events, lead Women in Business Clubs, lead in BinYaprak, host STEAMWIN events online and offline. In short, they lead in building and spreading the solutions for a gender equal future. They are leaders of today and tomorrow.

We now have about 100 CampusWINners and meet once a month in Academy Days to learn and grow together. You can read about Academy Days here.

This May, we only gathered with our captains- the committee leaders. A CampusWINner can take extra leadership roles. Committee leadership is at the top of this leadership rank. We gathered with our captains because we are now  changing up our program. We are changing the way we recruit to the program, the way we run and dream at CampusWIN. Before any change, it will always a wise thing to stop, take inventory and celebrate what we have accomplished. Honestly, as usual, we were short on the celebration front and focused on the future- charging full steam ahead.

What a brainstorming session we had! New ideas flowed freely. We reflected. At the end of the breakfast meeting, we had a nice list of actions which surely made their way to our Asana project management space. Lean committee presentations, speaker bureau operations, more workshops, an amazing orientation and more are to come… We closed up our breakfast meeting with a traditional selfie.

Our captains, we are counting on you to transform CampusWIN to new frontiers… You are our super heros. Ready, set, go!

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