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Duygu Kayaman | Engelsiz bir topluma yolculuk

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Duygu Kayaman is the leader of the Young Guru Academy's "Blind Leaders" initiative. She shares her extraordinary journey and invites us to collectively break barriers for youth with disabilities.
Duygu Kayaman | Engelsiz bir topluma yolculuk

Duygu Kayaman

Sales Expert at Microsoft Turkey

Duygu started her education at Turkan Sabanci Primary and Vocational School for the Blind. With the encouragement of her teachers and support of her classmates, Duygu graduated from Kemal Hasoğlu High School, a high school with a foreign language curriculum. Later, she graduated from Halic University majoring in psychology. Duygu complemented her formal education with several courses in chess, music, swimming and public speaking. For the last three years, she has lead the Blind Leaders initiative of the Young Guru Academy where she participates in several activities as a volunteer. Duygu is the President of the Junior Commission of the Parilti Support to Blind Children Association. She works at Microsoft Turkey as a sales expert.