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Why Diversity Matters

Earn More

The most diverse companies were 35 percent more likely to have above-average earnings in their industries (McKinsey & Co)

Retain Talent

Of employees surveyed would leave their company

for a more diverse organization


Include to Innovate

When employees “think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included,’ their ability to innovate increases (Fenwick and West)

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 Celebrating Our Successes

We love to co-create with you

UPS Co-Creation Journey

Facts and Figures

  • 30 %
    Employment participation rate of women in Turkey
  • 20 %
    If we reach parity with OECD (60%), Turkey’s GDP will increase

Women are the most untapped natural resource of the country for Turkey to realize her economic potential

The Co-creation Model

Social issues
  • Companies are newly beginning to implement diversity and inclusion policies to build an inclusive culture.
  • Women suffer from lack of networks, gender biases and equal opportunity at the workplace and do not join or rise to their potential at companies.
Value propositions
  • Building a network for companies to share best practices on diversity and inclusion to accelerate knowledge sharing and to support change.
Business issues
  • Logistics sector relies on B2B network and awareness of the brand.
  • Building an inclusive culture relies on employee participation at culture change initiatives like UPS’ Women Leader Development network and to attract more female talent to the logistics sector.

The Co-creation Journey


Creation of TurkishWIN by Melek Pulatkonak in New York


TurkishWIN started operations in Turkey.


UPS became our corporate member.


First design of three co-creation projects; KLP - Women Leadership Platform- was one of the three – introduction of KAGIDER as a project partner.


The network is designed by TurkishWIN, powered by UPS employees and UPS Foundation and managed by TurkishWIN & KAGIDER.


Women Leadership Platform hosted 14 meetings with the participation of 125 companies


European Bank of Research and Development joined the partnership to scale impact and reach.

Your corporate journey at TurkishWIN

to meet your strategic objectives to build an inclusive culture


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  • Recruiting & employer branding
  •  Employee development 
  • Network  & ecosystem development 
  • Culture change 


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  • Articles 
  • Offers
  • Online events
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  • Mentoring program


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