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How does TurkishWIN collaborate with partners?

Investing in a gender equal future takes a village of change-makers! 

We are grateful for our partners and appreciate them to pieces. 

We collaborate with partners around three strategic initiatives: 

  • WIN Next Generation: Aligning with partners targeting female university students and youth in general. 
  • WIN in Digital: Joining forces with partners to amplify the number of role models, career tips and audiences in digital platforms and accessible to women free of charge . 
  • WIN Together: Creating win-win partnerships to contribute to the rising number of women in the workforce. 

Our values guide us in how we build and manage our partnerships: accountability, courage, curiosity, generosity and collective success. 

The sisterhood movement has a limited number of resources and amazing ideas waiting to be unleashed. If we are not the right partner for you, we will make sure to connect you with the right one! 

You can find the current list of our #GiveBack partners here:  

Our “Win Next Generation” partners are- ta da- here: 

  • Our amazing CampusWIN Academy Program partners are here. 
  • Our Milyon Kadına Mentor partners are here. 
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