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How do I invite a friend to become a member?

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Open Door Events are great opportunities for you to meet the TurkishWIN team and ask any questions you might have about our community. We share our vision, mission, and how you can be part of the Turkish Women's International Network or engage more.

Yes, you can ask any questions you have about membership benefits, the online application process and more. These sessions are short and sweet.

Our members, friends and guests are all welcome to attend! Be on the lookout for these events at and on our LinkedIn page.

Make sure your friend adds your name as her referrer! This additional input will not only expedite her process but will also earn you $50 membership credit for next membership year. 

Thank you for helping our sisterhood grow! 

You can invite your friend by sharing a personal invitation with this  link. You will just need to enter her email address as shown below and submit the invitation. 

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You can also invite your friend to our Open Door events that take place in the first week of each month. The TurkishWIN team shares our vision, mission, and answers questions about our community and the membership process. These sessions are short and sweet. You can learn more about the Open Door events here. 

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