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What is mentoring? And what is it not?

Mentoring paves the way to a rewarding experience for the mentor and the mentee to exchange knowledge, lessons, and business acumen.

Mentoring is:

  • one-to-one
  • person-oriented
  • asking open questions
  • providing experienced insights
  • challenging one to think beyond immediate day-to-day issues
  • setting milestones for agreed deliverables
  • encouraging one to achieve specific goals
  • focused on growth and development
  • designed to aid the mentee in taking ownership of personal growth and development
  • an equal partnership with two-way learning
  • confidential

Mentoring is not:

  • direct sponsorship
  • doing it for you
  • free consultancy
  • a substitute for qualified professional advice
  • tied to the advancement
  • remedial

You can also find more details about mentoring in our mentoring guideline. 

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