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Do's and Don'ts for mentees

We have a world of suggestions in our program mentoring guideline but here is a short list for you to simmer on.


  • be committed to this new relationship
  • define your goals early
  • have a written outline or an agenda for your meeting
  • be clear about your needs
  • be willing to learn from others
  • be open to receiving feedback
  • be ready to step outside the comfort zone
  • respect your mentor’s time
  • consider all advice your mentor provides
  • learn about your mentor’s goals, career, professional development
  • show appreciation
  • ask for feedback
  • keep your relationship professional


  • expect mentors to solve your problems
  • expect your mentor to define your goals
  • expect mentors to do your work
  • expect hands-on operational support
  • expect that you will be provided training or coaching services nor technical business advice
  • assume that your mentor has unlimited time for you
  • be defensive
  • talk negatively about your mentor
  • bring another person to your meeting with your mentor unless it is mutually agreed ahead of time


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