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How do I sign up to the Speaker Club? What happens next?

TurkishWIN Speaker Club is the  community of TurkishWInners who generously share their voice, stories and career tips through public speaking with our motto: “If I did it, so can you!”  We want to pay it forward and leave a legacy not only through the work we do but the relationships we create and the women we impact along the way. The Speaker Club is a great way for us to connect with each other- inviting fellow TurkishWIN members to different team meetings or events. The TurkishWIN Speaker Club also enables us to connect to our alma mater universities. It is a win-win!

 We are one less without you! Please create your speaker profile by filling out this form. Next, you will join the Speaker Club digital circle and  your speaker page will go live at

 When you join the TurkishWIN Speaker Club, you will have a dedicated page for your profile- think of it as a personal webpage. All requests from universities, NGOs, and other organizations will come through your TurkishWIN Speaker Club page. 

  We have prepared this “Speaker Club” wiki to answer any questions you may have. 

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