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What is TurkishWIN?

TurkishWIN is a global community of women with cultural, professional or family ties to Turkey. We network for change.

Who We Are 

At TurkishWIN, we gather open-minded and open-hearted women with cultural, professional, and family ties to Turkey. 

Our members are looking to: 

  • meet open-minded and open-hearted women for career and business connections, 
  • build a legacy in lifting the next generation of Turkish women, 
  • enjoy our life-long learning journey with peers, 
  • know that we are not alone - other amazing women share our passion to build a gender equal future. And, yes, our contribution matters. 

Our vision

We imagine a world where every woman can realize her potential in life and at work. 

Our mission

We exist to inspire, support and celebrate women in their journey for self actualization in Turkey and abroad in a global sisterhood. We live by our motto: "If she did it, so can I!

We are your next-generation sisterhood network:-)

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