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What are TurkishWIN’s “Win in Digital” #GiveBack platforms?

BinYaprak is our digital #GiveBack platform. 

We have created a separate platform that empowers our collective TurkishWIN sisterhood GiveBack to:

  • Deliver our social and know-how capital in Turkish language; 
  • Make our role models and others accessible online; 
  • Amplify our reach and impact; 
  • Engage men in our GiveBack circles;
  • Empower our partners in digital spaces;  
  • Provide a free and accessible social network for women who want to GiveBack outside of TurkishWIN community; 
  • Be a digital sister to any woman who is looking for her +1 to cheer her on to take the next bold, scary or ambiguous step in her career.  

We know that the future of work will be shaped in digital spaces. We also know not every sister enjoys the same mobility to attend events in person for many different reasons. When she is searching for a role model, career tip, or a supporting network, we want to be there! We work tirelessly to increase the number of role models, career tips and networks. 

Our digital #GiveBack platform BinYaprak is available free of charge, offers content in Turkish and serves as an umbrella for all change-maker organizations who do not have resources to invest in digital platforms. 

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