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How do we #GiveBack at TurkishWIN?

We believe we can be the change and make a difference in changing the gender ratio.

We did what we know best. We built systems and programs to serve and support Turkey’s rising female leaders who are looking for the roadmap and encouragement we can offer them. 

Our #GiveBack strategy has three pillars: 

WIN Next Generation We target female highschool and university students. Our goal is to inspire them to become the best version of themselves at the workplace. Our message: “If I did it, so can you!” 

We offer accessible role models, career tips and relevant networks in three programs/platforms: CampusWIN Academy,  BinYaprak and Milyon Kadına Mentor Hareketi. 

WIN in Digital: We know that the future of work will be shaped in digital spaces. We also know not every sister enjoys the same mobility to attend events in person for many different reasons. When she is searching for a role model, career tip, or a supporting network, we want to be there! We work tirelessly to increase the number of role models, career tips and networks. 

Our digital #GiveBack platform BinYaprak is available free of charge, offers content in Turkish and serves as an umbrella for all change-maker organizations who do not have resources to invest in digital platforms. 

WIN Together: Investing in a gender equal future takes a village of change-makers. We partner with organizations that share our values, passion and target audiences to amplify our collective success and impact. You can check out our #WinTogether partnerships here. 

As TurkishWINners, we choose to leave a legacy not just through the work we do but the relationships we  create and the women we impact along the way.  We are one less without you. 



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