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UPS Co-Creation

“We have been a corporate member of TurkishWIN since 2011 to increase women workforce and leadership in the private sector companies and raise awareness to empower women more for further leadership positions in top managerial positions. And being in collaboration with TurkishWIN  as a strategic partner to touch and elevate women in business life helps us to improve impact and create a sisterhood based network.” 

Burak Kılıç, Country Manager, UPS Turkey


UPS has been a corporate member of TurkishWIN since 2011. Our partner has an amazing Volunteer and Women Leadership Development Program. 

The UPS team has always been deeply aware of gender equality challenges and opportunities: 

  • Companies are beginning to implement diversity and inclusion policies to build an inclusive culture.
  • Women suffer from lack of networks, gender biases and equal opportunity at the workplace and do not join or rise to their potential at companies.

As a business issue, the UPS team has been focused on the following:  

  • Building an inclusive culture relies on employee participation at culture change initiatives like UPS’ Women Leader Development network and to attract more female talent to the logistics sector.
  • Logistics sector relies on the B2B network and awareness of the brand. How can the UPS team engage employees to build the network power of UPS to contribute to a gender equal future. 

Our value proposition

  • Network development: Building a network for companies to share best practices on diversity and inclusion to accelerate knowledge sharing and to support change: Women Leadership Platform
  • Content development: UPS has a wealth of inclusive culture best practices. We design and deliver content and activities to showcase UPS role models, sectoral best practices and the values of the corporate culture with an emphasis on DEI best practices.   

The Co-creation Journey 

2011 I UPS became our corporate member.

2011-2015 I TurkishWIN mainly supported UPS’ Women Leadership Platform activities. 

2014 I First design of three co-creation projects leveraging the UPS network and the DEI passion of the project team: KLP - Women Leadership Platform- was one of the three programs. TurkishWIN introduced KAGIDER as a project partner. The other two experiments were aborted after a year. 

2015 I Kadın Liderlik Platformu, omen Leadership Network (WLD),  first designed by TurkishWIN, powered by UPS employees and UPS Foundation, became a sought after network managed by TurkishWIN and KAGIDER .

2019 I The European Bank of Research and Development joined the WLD  partnership to scale impact and reach.

2021I Our co-creation focus shifted to content development as WLD is now at a mature stage. 


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