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Borusan Co-Creation

“ When we decided to promote an inclusive culture with a structured platform, Borusan Eşittir, our first target segment was women.  We worked with the TurkishWIN team during the strategy and execution phase as a strategic partner and tapped into their diversity know-how.  Together, we are looking forward to more impact and collective action in the future.”

Şule Yücebıyık, Former Head of Corporate Communications at Borusan Holding


Borusan Holding was our corporate member from 2012 to 2016.

The Borusan team has always been  a leader in addressing social issues for the society with various women empowerment initiatives.  

As a corporate member, they were our first sponsor of the TurkishWIN Career Day. Actually, we planned the activity with their encouragement. We send a big heart to the team! 

As a business issue, the Borusan team has been focused on the following:  

  • Building a women’s initiative that is both inclusive and reflective of Borusan ways 
  • The holding has a number of companies in different sectors, an amazing volunteer program and shifting focus to the company vis-a-vis gender equality issues. The holding has been a heavy contributor to society in large by then. 

Our value proposition: 

  • Advisory services: TurkishWIN worked side by side with the HR and Communication teams to position, name (yes Borusan Eşittir was our suggestion) and design a platform that will promote inclusive culture across all Borusan group companies. Gender equality was one of the pillars of the platform and the first one to launch at the Borusan Eşittir Platform in November of 2015.  

The Co-creation Journey 

2012I Borusan Holding  became our corporate member.

2014 I Borusan Holding was the one and only sponsor of the first TurkishWIN Career Day ever. 

2015 I Advisory support to position and design Borusan Eşittir Platform. 

2011-2016 I Borusan Holding contributed to TurkishWIN’s  social responsibility programs.


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