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What is the application process? When will I hear back from you?

When the applications are open, apply away! 

Here are a few reminders, as you prepare for your application: 

  • The program’s capacity is 100 amazing women. 
  • We have a maximum intake per campus- 3 CampusWIN leaders. 
  • Your application will be evaluated if you are a 1st or 2nd-year university student regardless of your major. 

Application Step:  Apply at this link 

Interview Step:  Congrats! You have made it to the interviews. You will meet CampusWIN Leadership Teams and have a formal interview led by our partner,  ManpowerGroup Turkey. 

Invitation Step: If accepted, you will be asked to complete your onboarding steps in a timely fashion. Make sure you follow our email instructions! 

Welcome on Board: You are now a CampusWIN Champion, right at the beginning of your CampusWIN journey sister! 

After a semester, you will be a rising CampusWIN leader, then a CampusWIN alum and finally a TurkishWINner- over time:-) 

Our communication will be via email. Stay tuned and check your email! 

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