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What is the CampusWIN Spirit?

Our community shares five values: courage, curiosity, generosity, accountability and collective success. These values are our guiding principles.  

By agreeing to become a CampusWIN leader, you agree to the following:

  1.     I will believe in the power of collective genius. I will learn and share and walk the talk with pride.

  2.     I am going to exercise my right to be awesomely cool and show up for all meetings and tasks ten minutes before they are supposed to begin. I will be social, both online and offline.  I will learn how to engage an audience in a meaningful conversation to spread the motto of TurkishWIN: If she did it, so can you!

  3.     I will aim big, and dream bigger. I will not let pessimism take me over. I will defeat negativity with my optimism and my genius. If things get tough, I'll get tougher. I'll give help and seek help without delay. If there is one thing I take away from this whole experience, this must be it.

  4.     I will have so much fun that my friends will apply next year because they have seen such a positive change in me!

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