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How do CampusWIN leaders #GiveBack and make a difference?

CampusWINners give back by: 

Leading the organization of the TurkishWIN Career Day, the only career day for female university students in Turkey since 2015. Their impact: Over 5000 sisters attended these events. (2021)

  1. Leading and supporting the only local student clubs with the name “woman” in their name: Women in Business/ Iste Kadin Kulupleri since 2012. Their impact: 11 Women in Business Clubs are operational all over Turkey (2021) 
  2. Sharing their experiences, role models and career tips in blogs, live events and videos at BinYaprak since 2015. Their impact: >1 million in reach (2021) 

They make a difference every day in our CampusWIN sisterhood.

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