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Do's and Don'ts For Mentors

We would be missing out on something if we did not prepare a do’s and don’ts list for you! 

Here you go:


  • be committed to this new relationship
  • be an active listener! Guide and help her put her ideas into action
  • find constructive ways to challenge your mentee
  • share similar experiences so your mentee understands that her problem is not unique
  • use open questions to encourage the mentee to think creatively and form her own conclusions
  • let mentees know that there are no shortcuts
  • this is a valuable time for the mentees. Please focus on their business, as you are the expert in that field
  • respect your mentee, her values & beliefs
  • get her focus on the things that need to be done
  • encourage her by pointing out her skills
  • be consistent, but flexible. Expect changes in plans
  • always do follow-ups
  • foster a caring and supportive relationship. Showing that you care will boost confidence
  • it is a common remark that mentors learn from mentees a great deal
  • focus on developing the mentee professionally and personally
  • support and facilitate. You do not have all the answers; you are a ‘learning facilitator’
  • explain your personal work style and preferences
  • remind your mentee to prepare a written outline or an agenda for the meeting
  • after the meeting take notes of what was discussed and progress made


  • expect your mentee to lead every meeting or suggest activity
  • make your mentee learn by trial
  • give random advice or criticism
  • expect a clone of yourself
  • talk negatively about your mentee to others
  • lecture
  • share personal problems unless it is related to the current disposition
  • lend money
  • assume the role of the problem solver
  • impose your vision
  • attempt to force your mentee in one direction
  • forget she knows her business better than anyone else


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