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How can I get ready for the first meeting with my mentee?

We know you are excited about your mentoring journey with your mentee. Who wouldn’t! 

Joining you in your excitement, we have created a short checklist for you re: your first meeting: 

  • Review the mentee's LinkedIn profile and mentoring objective 
  • Reflect on how you will introduce yourself to your mentee 
  • Check out SWOT or GROW models to frame your mentee's development journey. You can download Sample Mentee Development Plan and other resources at this link. 
  • Leave your day-to-day activities behind. 

You can simmer on these questions while getting ready: 

  1. What kind of assistance can you provide to your mentee?
  2. Where were you physically and mentally in your mentee's age or work stage?
  3. What kind of meetings will you have together?
  4. How often will you meet?
  5. Where will you meet?
  6. What are the key factors you believe are important for a successful mentor-mentee relationship?
  7. Think about what the basic principles are for you in the mentoring relationship.
  8. Think about how you find meaning in the mentoring process.
  9. Think about what you might have in common and differing aspects. These conversations help initiate and strengthen the relationship.
  10. Think about what subjects you can experience and contribute to your mentee.
  11. Am I a good listener? Can I listen effectively? How long can I keep my focus on the snow side? How much of my focus is on myself and what I want to say?
  12. How open are my questions? How many questions do I ask to understand the other party, to make them think, and to broaden their perspective? How much and/or in what situations do I tend to ask closed, judgmental questions and narrow down the options?


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