Meet A WINner: Nazlı Özek


Nazlı Özek has the superpower to stop time and to hold a safe space for you to hear your own thoughts and to see visions of your future in a marvelous echo chamber.  Nazlı is a member of TurkishWIN and the Founder of Echo Leadership Development.  Nazlı is an executive coach and a leadership development consultant. She is also the Board Member of MATSET, a board member of BASEV, and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Women on Board Association Turkey.

As the TurkishWIN team, we are grateful to Nazlı as she agreed to work with us as our team coach. Over the next 12 months, we worked in our echo chamber to emerge as our best version to serve our mission and stakeholders better. We are still working on our team plan to get there. 

Nazlı is passionate about learning, development, change, and transformation. She is an amazing woman who supports other women. Your place is ready in heaven Nazlı. She is also the winner of the "most impactful TurkishWINNer" award in 2022. 

Read on to get to know her better! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others. 

One thing you wish you had known earlier in your career.

1. The importance of Emotional Intelligence

2. Career is not a ladder but instead it is a jungle gym

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

Leaving the family business and starting my own business. 

If you could have any three people (dead or alive) over for dinner – who would they be?

Atatürk, Freud, Oprah. 

Who are your role models?


Name a book you read that positively shaped you.

The power of intentions. 

You believe in sisterhood at work because…

We all need each other to create more value and impact. 

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Erase all the evil from the world. 

Share a story about a time when you were really proud of your achievement.

There was a time I did not listen to my body and her needs.  I ended up with health problems. It was a long recovery with great learnings about how to take care of myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Share a story about a time when you recovered from a great mistake.

There was a time I did not listen to my body and its needs that I ended up with health problems. 

Your advice to the next generation of career women from your learnings.

Trust your instincts, be courageous and never give up. 

Do you have any pets?

A cat and a dog. 

Describe yourself as a teenager in 3 words.

Energetic, social, confused

What’s in your handbag right now? What are your absolute must-haves in travel?

So many things:) but my essentials are my phone, small notebook, pen, lipstick, and wallet. 

Last book you read or are reading now.

Paul Tillich - The Courage to be. 




If you had a time machine, to which era would you want to travel in time? Past or future and why?

1920's and see Atatürk in person. 

If you weren’t in your industry – what would you be doing?

Something in finance. 

What’s on your playlist right now?

A lot of 90s music. 

If your house was on fire, what two things would you run back in to get?

Nothing is important to risk going back. 

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

I would not mind Meryl Streep playing in the movie of my life:)

What's your favorite thing in your closet right now?

Anything in silk and leather. 

You have a car trip from İstanbul to Bodrum. Choose a famous person to join you and tell us why!

Brene Brown - would love to have a deep conversation with her. 

You are walking on the street and suddenly, you come across Mona Lisa. What do you do?

I would not believe it is Mona Lisa so would not do anything. 

If you were a new festival: What would be your name and how would people celebrate?

Embrace yourself - a lot of music and dancing. 

You have your own talk show on tv and your childhood self is your guest. What would be your first question to her?

What is your secret to being so energetic and full of life?

If you were to create the 5. Season, what would her name be and what would the weather be like?

Enjoy - sunny, warm but not too hot, definitely no humidity. 

How did you overcome the glass ceiling?

Believing in myself, trusting my instincts, and being assertive. 

How do you keep your growth mindset going?

I believe life is a journey so growth never ends.

What is your advice on beating the imposter syndrome?

Having a realistic self-awareness about who you really are. 


Nazlı was gracious enough to share her calming superpower during COVID days. You can watch her BinYaprak talk below. 


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