The Future of You & Your Genes


The Future of You & Your Genes

A medical doctor, Futurist and Co-Founder of B-Wise, Dr. Cenk Tezcan, and Dr. Tuba Günel, Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Istanbul University, graciously answered all our questions about our genes and what the future holds for us.

We first learned about the importance of the genome mapping. As Dr. Günel aptly put it, “Genes are complicated and amazing.”  They are formed of 3 billion gene sequences. Only 1/1000 of them are different, yet the rest is the same. Even this little difference makes us utterly different from each other.  Isn’t this something! Furthermore, we are influenced by the conditions of our environment. Good news: Our DNA doesn’t get damaged that easily.

We also found out that we are born with some genetic diseases and others are transferred to us by genetic transmission. That said, the field of genetics is developing so fast, that genes can throw us a curve ball any time.

A member asked the big ethics question: Is it possible to decide the eye color, gender, hair color or other characteristics of our children in future? The answer is yes but it is not ethical and legal as of today.

Then the discussion steered towards Genetically Modified Organisms (GPOs) in our food chain. We all know the world is getting crowded and cultivated land is diminishing. GDO is our future and will be a part of our life routine after a while. In ten years or so, the situation will be normalized and better regulated.

If GDO is our destiny, what should we do? Well, Dr. Günel suggested that production in greenhouses will become increasingly important. She added that it is necessary to take out harmful parts of GDO with strong control methods as new methods of identification are developed.

Last but not least, get ready to take medication and nutrition optimal for your genes! The technology is not mainstream yet but buckle up for the day to discover your inner workings intimately.

We left this learning circle with questions and a yearning for the future. Stay tuned for a follow up session.

We thank our corporate member, Allianz Turkey, for hosting us.

As for you, see you at a TurkishWIN event soon!

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