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We aspire to become the most impactful network focusing on women in Turkey and abroad. 
We collaborate with companies, NGOs and individuals to amplify our collective impact and empower women to realize their potential.

Network For Change
  • Launch Date: October 21, 2015

    Target Audience: Men, women and organizations who do not want to wait 80 years – until 2095 – for the gender gap in education and employment to close in Turkey.

    Engagement Model: BinYaprak is a networking platform that offers role model stories for inspiration, educational content and real life stories for discovery and educational content a networking platform with through online & and offline events.

    Why: We believe women are Turkey’s largest untapped natural reserve for economic and social development. As TurkishWIN’s impact circle expands globally, so does the need and demand for inspirational stories, networks and mentoring programs delivered in Turkish and in Turkey. To respond to this need, our sisterhood network is building a sustainable innovation hub that designs transformative services to empower women.

    Partners: BinYaprak is a sisterhood network for change, a sister organization of TurkishWIN, sharing the same values and beliefs. BinYaprak is set up as a social business to build a partnership ecosystem.

    Website: https://binyaprak.com

  • Launch Date: 2011

    Target Audience: Female university students.

    Engagement Model: CampusWIN is a program of TurkishWIN, our change-maker sisterhood network. On campuses across Turkey, we recruit second and third year female university students with leadership qualities to be campus leaders. We invest in our CampusWINners with coaching, access to the TurkishWIN network and mentoring. We inspire and support them in creating women-in-business clubs or events on campus. As change agents, these campus leaders use these types of messages to inspire their peers: “Look we have amazing role models, come and listen to them,” “sisterhood is important, reach out to another woman,” “networking is key to success, connect to a network,” “find a mentor and invest in your future,” and last but not least “if she did it, so can I.” In the 2015-16 academic year, 86 women from 41 universities across Turkey were selected to be campus leaders.. This year-long program starts with an orientation and offers trainings throughout the year as well as a lifelong sisterhood network.

    Why: Impact for change is highest when women are young and motivated to explore their potential with a looming deadline i.e. graduation from university. The CampusWIN program empowers young women by bringing them together with positive role models and helping them create networks with their own university alumnae, all while embodying a can do attitude.

    Partners: Akampus, APS Textile, Borusan Holding, Dogan Holding, Eczacibasi Holding, Enocta, Ipekyol, LAV, Matrix International Consultancy, Microsoft Turkey, Pepsi, Umur Kirtasiye


    • Actively running eight Women in Business Clubs, independent networks building sisterhoods for change on their respective campuses.
    • Reached 5,000 students in Face2Face events
    • Attracted 3,000 unique visitors to KampusSesVer, a collaborative blog filled with real life stories of work, choices and inspiration written and curated by Campus Leaders.
    • Organized the annual TurkishWIN Career Day with 19 speakers, 500 attendees. 45 women from Anatolia were given travel stipends to attend the career day and the event’s hashtag, #beklebenigelecek, began trending on Twitter.

    Website: https://campuswinners.com/

  • Launch Date: 2012

    Target Audience: Male and female university students.

    Engagement Model: TurkishWIN inspires university students to create their own networks that connect students and alumni through inspirational stories shared by alumnae and role model women and men. We support their programming with speakers, ideas and the TurkishWIN network. Most WIB Presidents are also CampusWINners.

    Why: Before the launch of WIBs, there were no business-oriented student clubs focusing on women, women role models and networks in Turkey. TurkishWIN introduced “Women in Business” student clubs to Turkey and is working towards the goal of inspiring a women’s network at every university in Turkey.

    Partners: Bogaziçi, Bilgi, Kadir Has, Kültür, Harran, ODTÜ, ODTÜ Kıbrıs, Yeditepe Universities.

    Impact: Collectively, WIBs’ organized 17 events reaching 4,000 students.

    Website: Please visit each WIB’s Facebook page. You can learn more how to get started https://www.campuswinners.com/wib-clubs.html/

  • Launch Date: February 2014

    Target Audience: Diversity leads (HR directors or business leads) in corporations.

    Engagement Model: Kadın Liderlik Platformu provides an online destination (program website) and quarterly events to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of best practices among HR Directors on various diversity issues. TurkishWIN and Kagider oversee the management of Kadın Liderlik Platformu.

    Why: Positive role models of most women are other women in their own work place. Companies play a huge role to create role models and to empower women.

    Partners: Kagider and UPS Turkey.

    Impact: As of October 2015, over 50 companies have participated in the program.

    Website: https://kadinliderlikplatformu.org/

  • Launch Date: 2014

    Target Audience: Women who have more than ten years of experience and want to get back to work after having taken a career break & companies.

    Engagement Model: YenidenBiz is a network for women who want to get back to work. It offers skills trainings, coaching, networking opportunities for “back2work” candidates as well as referrals to companies that are seeking these candidates talents. The organization evangelizes the “returnship” concept to companies and seeks out positions for “back2work” candidates. TurkishWIN’s founder, Melek Pulatkonak, is also one of the founders of YenidenBiz.

    Why: Women who take a break in mid-career face challenges in getting back to work whether they seek full-time or part-time positions. Often, companies have rigid hiring practices that penalize career breaks. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) or start-ups could benefit greatly by tapping into this talent pool on a part-time basis. Yet there is a no marketplace for this heavenly match.

    Partners: TurkishWIN is one of the Founding Partners of YenidenBiz.

    Impact: As of October 2015, YenidenBiz helped more than 50 candidates re-enter the workforce and continues to raise awareness about returnship in Turkey.

    Website: https://yenidenbiz.com

  • Launch Date: June 2014

    Target Audience: High school students and anyone who is seeking to choose a profession.

    Engagement Model: 50 video interviews and stories about what CEOs/artists/blue collar workers studied and how they chose their professions were curated, published and distributed.

    Why: From CEO to a blue collar worker, a career choice has many considerations. The education system in Turkey is rather rigid and as a result, 70% of men and women do not work in a job related to their educational expertise. By proving information seekers with a glimpse of what professionals in varying stages of their careers studied and how they picked their career paths, we hope to deploy the power of storytelling to help younger men and women with their career choices.

    Partners: TUSIAD, Istanbul Bilgi University, PwC, Kagider and GDN

    Impact: Over 50,000 video views (2015)

    Website: https://neokusamneolsam.org

  • Launch Date: April 2015

    Target Audience: Women at work - with special focus on women between the ages of 18 and 35.

    Engagement Model: The project empowers women through financial literacy trainings and social security rights education. The partnership is a public-private sector partnership, a stellar example of our sisterhood network for change.

    Why: Women spend 90% of their income on their families. The more educated the woman, the better off the household finances. Furthermore, the better women know their social security rights, the longer they stay registered and at work.

    Partners: The Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution (SGK), MasterCard Turkey and The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER).

    Impact: In the pilot phase of the project, we reached over 1,700 women in ten cities with our face-to-face trainings. The three-year goal of the project is to reach 100,000 women in trainings.


    Website: https://evinhesapuzmanikadin.org


We thank our corporate members and partners for their continued inspiration and support.

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