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Tülin Akın, launched Turkey's first commercial agricultural marketing portal in 2004, a journey you will hear firsthand now.

  • Tülin Akın

  • Founder and CEO
  • Tülin Akın is the Founder and CEO of Tarimsal Pazarlama, Turkey's first e-learning and e-commerce platform to serve farmers information and services in product research, sales and marketing. Tulin started her company when she was 22 and a university student. Armed with enthusiasm and passion, she introduced credit cards, computers and mobile technologies to Turkish farmers and enables them to fully and actively participate in the agricultural economy and modern society. To date, Tülin has traveled to 12.000 villages and reached one million farmers. Hailing from a modest family- her father was a village school teacher and her mother a house wife- Tulin's exemplary journey won her many awards. Most recently, she became an Ashoka Fellow. Tulin Akin introduced over one million Turkish farmers to a new way of accessing information and new markets by using cell phones and Internet.

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