Selin Billi Mallinson | From Garanti the Giant to Euro Message the Lean Startup

Selin Billi Mallinson has known what she wanted since she was a little girl: to be financially independent and to be a citizen of the world. The pursuit of these goals involved saying “Yes” when unknown challenges came her way.

  • Selin Billi Mallinson

  • Entrepreneur
  • "After a decade of career successes, Mallinson walked away from corporate power and a luxury life to build her successful email marketing startup. Here she shares some of the secrets of her success.
    Selin Billi Mallinson worked in management positions at Doğuş Holding and Garanti Bank, rising to the position of Vice President of Marketing. She left Garanti in 2002 and generated the idea and co-founded euro.message, a pioneering company in email marketing in the EMEA region."

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