Lisa Reppell | Embracing Plan B

Lisa Reppell shares her journey of hitting obstacles, dodging disaster and embracing Plan B: a one-way ticket to Istanbul that started a journey more surprising, sustaining and rewarding than anything she could have envisioned starting out.

  • Lisa Reppell

  • social media and communications consultant
  • Lisa Reppell, has been a social media and communications consultant for TurkishWIN since 2014. She has just returned to Washington, DC after almost four years living, working and traveling in Turkey. While completing her master’s degree in political science at Sabanci University, Lisa took advantage of her Istanbul location to pursue a diverse portfolio of projects on such topics as democratic governance, business and human rights, and political extremism for organizations including the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, the Istanbul Policy Center and Karakoyun Strategies. She is the author of several policy publications including Conflict in the Curriculum: Is Education Making the Cyprus Problem Worse? and Turkey’s Track Record and the European Court of Human Rights. Most recently, Lisa was a research grantee of the Open Society Foundations, where she conducted a policy review of peacebuilding and governance practices in Mozambique over the past 20 years while based at the Institute for Security Studies, a South African think tank.

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