Günseli Kato | Bana her gün pazar!

She shares with us how she pursued her passion and embraced the new and the old in her art. She wonders why every day cannot be "Sunday" for others if you love what you do.

  • Günseli Kato

  • Visual Communication Faculty of Bahcesehir University
  • Günseli Kato was born in Istanbul. Her interest in painting started in 1974, when she participated in Prof. Dr. Suheyl Inver's miniature class at the Topkapi Palace Museum.Two years later, Kato was appointed as instructor to the Topkapi Palace Miniature and Decorative Arts Department. That same year, she started her academic education at the Painting Department of the Marmara University Faculty of Education and graduated in 1980. In 1981, Gunseli Kato received a Japanese Sato Grant and furthered her education at the Tokyo Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Traditional Japanese Painting under the guidance of Prof. Hirayama Ikuo. She has been teaching Turkish miniature at the same institution since 1983. In 1985, Gunseli Kato started her studies in ceramics with Takuo Kato, an expert in Islamic Ceramic worked in his workshop for 12 years until her return to Turkey. In 1994, a Turkish miniature class was initiated at the Asahi Journal Cultural Centre under Gunseli Kato's name, and she continues to teach Arts, and there, traveling there twice each year. Since returning to Turkey, she has also done many performance art and opened exhibitions in historical locations by blending Turkish and Japanese cultures. Ms. Kato continues to give lectures at the Visual Communication Faculty of Bahcesehir University, and is involved in new projects for the ACEV.

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