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Canan shares with us how she wrote her own story from a young pharmacist to a best-selling author. Canan Tan's passion for literature dates back to her high school days when she won the first place at the poetry competition of Hisar journal.

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  • Canan Tan, after graduation from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ankara University, she got married and moved to Diyarbakır. Later, after settling down in İzmir, her first book "İster Mor İster Mavi " was published in 1996 and she won the honorable mention at the competition of Children's Tales by BU Publisher in 1997 and started to write stories for children. Her accomplishments and published books are numerous. To name a few: honorable mention at the National Nasrettin Hodja Humorous Short Story Competition (1988), 'The 75th Year of the Republic, Children's Stories' award by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (1998) and first place at the Orhon Murat Arıburnu competition in feature film screenwriting (1999).Her first story collection book "Çikolata Kaplı Hüzünler" was published in 2002. "Piraye," Canan Tan's first novel, was published in 2003. Other best seller novels followed: "Çikolata Kaplı Hüzünler", "Yüreğim Seni Çok Sevdi", "İz", "Eroinle Dans", "Söylenmemiş Şarkılar" and "En Son Yürekler Ölür". Canan Tan's latest novel, "Hasret," met her readers in 2013. Canan Tan has been contributing to various newspapers as a writer and is now working on her next novel.

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