Aysem Sargın | Raising the bar for women

Aysem Sargın has always worked in male dominated sectors like energy or defense. Her shining armor has been finding "zero-gravity" work cultures for women. She advises all of us to find "zero-gravity" teams and companies to get out of our comfort zones.

  • Managing Director and Country Representative for Boeing Turkey
  • Ayşem Sargın was appointed Managing Director and Country Representative for Boeing Turkey in September 2015. Prior to joining Boeing, she was the Government Affairs and Policy Director for General Electric (GE) in Turkey, where she set and led the company’s government engagement and policy strategy, with a focus on expanding growth across all GE businesses. Previously, Ayşem worked as the External Affairs Manager for British Petroleum (BP) Turkey, where she worked on an international gas transit agreement, paving the way for realization of a major national pipeline project.
    Prior to her private sector experience, Ayşem worked for more than 10 years in the U.S. Embassy in Ankara. In her role as a Senior Economic Advisor, she covered the U.S.-Turkey trade and investment portfolio, with specific focus on energy, aviation, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. She engaged with government and private sector stakeholders to promote a level playing-field for U.S. businesses in Turkey and to strengthen U.S.-Turkey commercial ties. In her early career, Ayşem worked in Turk Eximbank, where she developed an understanding of financial market operations and export financing mechanisms in Turkey. Ayşem is currently a Board Member in the American Business Forum in Turkey (ABFT) and the International Investors’ Association (YASED). Aysem graduated with an Economics degree from the Middle East Technical University.

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