Ayse Baykut Dallal & Yasemin Örs | Oy ve Ötesi: For Love of Country

What would you do for love of country? Ayse Baykut Dallal & Yasemin Örs answered this question by pouring their passion into “Oy ve Ötesi” (Vote and Beyond), an election-monitoring civil society organization that emerged ahead of the March 30, 2014

  • Ayşe Baykut Dallal & Yasemin Örs

  • Lawyer& Co founder of Vote and Beyond
  • Yasemin Örs is the co-founder of "Vote and Beyond." Örs has an extensive corporate career and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Studyo Group. Ayse Baykut Dallal joined Vote and Beyond to coordinate the contributions of volunteer lawyers and the Istanbul Bar Association. Baykut Dallal has been a member of the Istanbul Bar Association since 2005. She has worked in different law firms focusing on international business law and mergers & acquisitions.

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