Anastasia Ashman | Building an Expat Community

Anastasia Ashman, a long time Istanbul expat, understands what it feels like to not belong to the community in which you live. That is why she created her own global niche: an international, virtual community where people can find their voices again.

  • Anastasia Ashman

  • Entrepreneur
  • Anastasia Ashman was the head of product at a multi platform visual story service, co founder of the web training company Global Niche, and editor of the anthology and blog Expat Harem. She was a business editor at a Silicon Alley trade magazine for Internet technology and e business. Anastasia groks storytelling and the continuing evolution of digital content. Having lived in New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Kuala Lumpur, and Istanbul she maintains a global business perspective and understands the power of connecting and creating community through content.

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