TurkishWIN Updates: May 2023


📢 Quick Updates


This month, as we work hard for the future we will shape, we have one big ask from you: Our CampusWIN Academy program will accept applications in May. We are working to build the best CampusWIN class ever!

Please send your referrals from your work and family our way. We are looking for amazing 1st and 2nd-year female university students with a passion to build a gender-equal future.

This month, like last month, we cannot wait for you to join us at an upcoming #GiveBack program or event.


🤝 Our Upcoming Events


Zor Duyguların İçinden Geçmek with Aysel Yükselener (Turkish Event)

CampusWIN Academy Day

Dünya tarihinde az rastlanır bir acı deneyimi içindeyiz. Sıkıntılarımızın, acımızın, kederimizin dile getirildiği güvenli ve destekleyici bir ortamda yasımızı tutmak için gelin birlikte olalım. Olalım ki duygusal kapasitemizi artıracak kaynaklarımıza erişelim. Ortak insanlık halimizi duyarak birbirimize dayanalım, kalbimizi yumuşatalım, bizim için neyin önemli olduğunu hatırlayalım. Birlikte…

Günebakan Gelişim kolaylaştırıcılarından sevgili Aysel Yükselener liderliğinde bir araya geleceğiz.


Sisterhood Speed Networking Session with Kelly Pınar Goodwin

TurkishWIN New Year Celebration

Our host is; Kelly Pınar Goodwin, Owner, and Lead Trainer at Culture Savvy. In this Sisterhood Speed Networking Session with Kelly Pınar Goodwin, we will increase our awareness and ability to work effectively across cultures. We will learn how to better understand ourselves and others and gain skills for interacting in diverse workplace settings. Join us for an interesting and insightful conversation.


What's Next at TurkishWIN & How Can You Help or Lead?

Dr. Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan

We have rolled out fresh new programs and expanded our #GiveBack initiatives this year. We are ready to roll up our sleeves over the summer to work on our grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. Join us to find out about our upcoming plans and ways we can co-create!


Emerging Trends in Leadership with Ümran Beba


As digital transformation, sustainability, crisis management, diversity, inclusion, and equity topics become critical for corporate strategy, leaders of today and the future are expected to understand and demonstrate these attributes in their strategic approach as well as everyday acts. How to get ready for leading organizations and teams to thrive in this environment needs thoughtful focus and continuous learning and adjustment. Successful leaders will grow with curiosity and global intelligence in this new era.


🤍 Give Back


We invite you to #GiveBack by hosting an Office Hour at BinYaprak, our digital sister platform. Each month, our circles host these cozy events to share our experiences. 

We thank our People and Culture Circle and amazing sisters, Gökçe Kulak, Özge Yılancıoğlu Erol and Gökçe Kurtar, for hosting BinYaprak Office Hours in May! 

Our Pharma Circle will host an office hour with Gamze Çıtıroğlu as well.

Our BinYaprak programming continues all year round. To learn more, you can always reach out to our #GiveBack Lead, Ayse Nur Ozcan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


❤️ Our Earthquake #GiveBack Update


Our BinYaprak Job Search circles are in week 6! We have started this program with 1100 female students, over 200 facilitators, and 20 partners. We really are grateful to all the TurkishWINners who are participating in this program as facilitators, partners, and leaders. 

We are getting good news about job placements, lots of cheering, and amazing feedback to build a better program we will offer–again–in June. 

If you did not have a chance to participate in the pilot, this will be your chance!


🌹 Meet TurkishWINners


Ekim Şerifoğlu Okçular


We would like to introduce you to our sister Ekim Şerifoğlu Okçular. We are lucky to have Ekim, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in our community.

Ekim is leading a global team and is in charge of driving business development strategy, initiatives, programs, and analytics. She has been in this role for 5 months. Prior to that, she served as Chief of Staff to HPE CFO.

She feels that it’s been amazing to have end-to-end visibility on strategic discussions across the company, be part of the key decisions, and make an impact. Do not miss this great chance to get to know Ekim.


🤗 Join Us


TurkishWIN is a global community of women with cultural, professional, or family ties to Turkey. We are a network of strong, successful women who are part of a movement to empower Turkish women in their dreams and careers.


At TurkishWIN, we learn and grow together through our mentorship program, learn and connect with other trailblazing women at our circles and connection clubs, share leads and opportunities through our mastermind circle, and much more.


To find out more and join us in making a change, you can join us here.

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