TurkishWIN Updates: March 2023


📢 Quick Updates


As our shock, grief, fear, and sadness give way to hope and action, we would like to give you an update on what we have been up to and how we, together, can help our sisters impacted by the earthquake. 


What We Did

  • We have supported calls for donations and help, 
  • Our CampusWIN Alumni team served as volunteer dispatchers in the first week of the earthquake as a self-organized team, 
  • We have matched our partners Askıda Ne Var with Turkish Philanthropy Funds. Askıda Ne Var received funding for scholarships to support 160 university students who lost their parents in the earthquake, 
  • We have reached out to major NGOs (with over 1000 volunteers) that give psychological support after major disasters and are working on building the capacity of these organizations. 
  •  As a partner of the Women Leadership Platform, we are hosting an ecosystem meeting with NGOs that support women and youth to map our action plans to collaborate and join forces on March 2nd. 


Our Support Plan and How You Can Help 

Our digital #GiveBack platform BinYaprak and mentoring service at Milyon Kadına Mentor provide us with the capacity, scale, and reach to support women and youth in impacted communities. 


We will support women and youth with these three initiatives: 


Million Women Mentor (Milyon Kadina Mentor): Starting in March 2023, the program will include non-STEM fields and leave no young woman behind or without a chance to find a mentor. We need your support to reach more mentees (marketing & communication), call impacted mentees to check in, and coordinate stakeholders in impacted cities. 


BinYaprak Job Search Circle: This program is designed to support 4th year female students or fresh graduates from STEM programs in achieving their goals and keeping them motivated in the job search process. You can voluntieer to share your experience in the professional world with the people affected by the earthquake who are looking to start or continue their careers.


BinYaprak Memleket Circles: Memleket circles are a place for our members to share their tips and experiences with others in their hometown. This especially helps our younger members who are starting to navigate and explore career and education opportunities in the city they live in. We need your help and experience for coordinating projects, supporting people affected by the earthquake, and partnering up with local organizations in cities across Turkey.


BinYaprak Content Creation: We are looking for writers to pen articles that will provide clear instructions on How-To's in law, health care, educational support and job search detailing earthquake support programs. Join us if you are passionate about writing and helping those affected by the earthquake.


🤝 Our Upcoming Events


Million Women Mentor Turkey Program Celebrating our Milestones, New Partners & Giving Thanks

CampusWIN Academy Day

In celebration of our second year of inspiration and connections at the Million Women Mentors Turkey, we will be hosting a live event to celebrate our milestones, new partners, gratitude, and thanks.


Sisterhood Speed Networking Session with Kelly Pınar Goodwin

TurkishWIN New Year Celebration

Our host is; Kelly Pınar Goodwin, Owner, and Lead Trainer at Culture Savvy. In this Sisterhood Speed Networking Session with Kelly Pınar Goodwin, we will increase our awareness and ability to work effectively across cultures. We will learn how to better understand ourselves and others and gain skills for interacting in diverse workplace settings. Join us for an interesting and insightful conversation.


Accenture Life Trends 2023

Dr. Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan

If we think of life as a series of seismic waves, until a few years ago, things seemed to hum along quite nicely (in most places) with the occasional spike here and there. Now, though, the shocks feel relentless and wild, and sometimes it’s extremely unsettling. Providing vital foresight into people's changing behavior and evolving relationship with technology, Accenture Life Trends 2023 (formerly Fjord Trends), explores the evolving power dynamics between people and organizations. These will present incredible opportunities for businesses to develop relationships with customers like never before.


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