TurkishWIN Talks “Change”

The only thing in life that is constant is change. We were inspired by trail blazing women this evening: Özlem Kestioglu Özel, Marketing Director...

The only thing in life that is constant is change. 

We were inspired by trail blazing women this evening: Özlem Kestioglu Özel, Marketing Director of SAP South Europe &francophone Africa, Lale Saral Develioglu, Pladis Chief Marketing Officer, Sepin Inceer, Mindfulness Trainer for Children and Matilde Wol Gokay, Creative Director & Academician at Bahcesehir University.

As per TurkishWIN Talks tradition, these amazing women told their stories in TED style and with grace. 

Özlem Kestioğlu Özel shared that her father is her role model and he is the change whisperer of her life. Working in different companies  - Oracle, SAP, KoçSistem and Accenture-  she always pushed herself out of her comfort zone. She mapped career change with her marriages and life stages and gave us the full story and ended her talk by saying  “Take your time, focus on your inner voice, keep moving and changing”. You can watch her TurkishWIN Talk here

Lale Saral Develioğlu believes that change is the reality and nature of life. She challenged us with her belief and what Einstein once said: ”Curiosity is more important than intelligence.” We loved her analogy that life is like riding a bicycle- to keep balance, you should keep moving. You can watch her TurkishWIN Talk here.

Sepin İnceer was the first and youngest woman partner in private equity in Turkey.  A few years ago, she decided to pursue her dreams and became a yoga and meditation teacher. She is an activist with the wish that mindfulness education be part of the Turkish education curriculum. Her TurkishWIN talk will soon be online. 

Matilde Wol Gokay fell for the love of her life and moved to Istanbul a few decades ago. She shared with us wholeheartedly how she embraced changes and made every moment count. You can watch her TurkishWIN Talk here.

We thank the wonderful Microsoft Turkey team for hosting us! You can check out the event photos on our Facebook album here.

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May inspiration always be with you!

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