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As the TurkishWIN Team, we are loading our batteries with new ideas and surprises for you. Our MentorWIN Advisory Board is busy planning the year...

As the TurkishWIN Team, we are loading our batteries with new ideas and surprises for you. 

Our MentorWIN Advisory Board is busy planning the year ahead for you. We thank them for their continued support: Ayşe Öktem, Bahar Moralıgil Kağıtçıbaşı, Seray Nasırlı, Mine Yücesoy, Yasemin Ergüder, Gülcan Demirkol Aytemur and Gamze Bayraktaroğlu.

Rolling Schedule at MentorWIN 

Our mentoring program has rolling admission and matching process. If you are new to the program, would like to join or refresh your know-how, you can join our MentorWIN Online Refresher event with Merve Konuralp on August 15th. This event is for members-only.

Engaging Universities for Impact

Our MentorWIN Advisor Ayşe Öktem is leading the charge with our Network intern Müge Fırsat to support universities to build mentoring networks.We are delighted to report about our partnership with MEF University. We are working with the fantastic university team led by Ahmet Ahmet Aydemir, PhD, Professional Development Coordinator at MEF University. We provided the MEF team with our mentoring playbook and have been working with them on the pilot matching of 13 university students with seasoned business people. Ayşe Öktem generously gave the mentoring training to the mentors - a session that was recorded and will soon be available online! 

Sharing Corner At BinYaprak 

Sharing is caring! We are sharing our experiences and snippets from our guidelines for anyone to use our MentorWIN playbook- in Turkish. You can follow the TurkishWIN channel at BinYaprak here

Giving Thanks 

We thank our rock star MentorWIN interns Öykü Yağmur Açık, Buğucemre Üründü, Dilek Şaşkın and Müge Fırsat for all of your hard work and dedication.Please stay tuned for updates and ways to get involved.

Food for Thought 

Social psychologists have confirmed that in the best romantic relationships, partners sculpt one another in such a manner as to bring each person closer to their ideal self -the person they want to be. Does this Michelangelo phenomenon sound familiar? It turns out the the best mentors think like Michelangelo. Read on here.

References: Smith, W. Brad JohnsonDavid G. “The Best Mentors Think Like Michelangelo.” Harvard Business Review, 23 Jan. 2018,

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