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Let us repeat the obvious on this glorious day:  Nobody makes it alone. Nobody has made it alone. We all have or need mentors along the way.

Lucky for all of us, our MentorWIN program is getting better day by day thanks to many :) Here are our latest updates:

Reverse Mentoring Summit

We were one of the partners of the Bahcesehir University & Unilever Reverse Mentoring Summit that took place on April 26, 2018 at Bahcesehir University.

The timing of the event was perfect, right after our latest reverse mentoring matches for the summer! If you missed this application period, we will have them coming, now worries. 

Ozlem Yesildere, Assistant General Manager at Koton Magazicilik, and Merve Kose, senior student at Galatasaray University, participated at the BAU & Unilever Reverse Mentoring Summit. Here is a recap of what they shared:

“TurkishWIN matched me with a brilliant young lady with a very relevant background.  I was able to receive very effective mentoring on my “Generation Y & Z ” challenges (applicable to work and home!), and most importantly, I was able to get to know an extremely wise young person.  Thank you “TurkishWIN”! said Ozlem Yesildere.

"Reverse mentoring is full of experiences about advising the skills that you feel confortable in your daily life. You should be prepared every questions that your mentee can ask and you will get the challenging idea of this reverse sprit! " shared Merve Kose.

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Join us at MentorWIN Events:

We invite and encourage you to take an addictive approach to mentoring. TurkishWIN provides development activities for our mentors and mentees. Our next events is about ‘curiosity’.

Curiosity begins with a thought and typically what follows is a question. As you discover your mentee’s world and her challenges, asking the right questions can make your mentoring journey a transformative one! On May 31st, we will be off to a learning circle on “The Art of Asking Questions” led by Oya Günay  in Istanbul. In Oya’s words “ We have become more and more aware that asking questions is the sine qua non of building positive relationships. With the help of countless techniques and methods, we think we know how to ask questions. However we often fail to accept our questions are just another form of telling - excepting the other party to hit the answer in our minds. In this workshop, I will help attendees increase their awareness of the oft-neglected  foundations which play a key role in asking questions.’

RSVP here to boost your curiosity!

Our mentoring program has rolling admission and matching process. If you are new to the program, would like to join or refresh your knowhow, you can join our MentorWIN Refresher event with Mine Yücesoy in June 19th in Istanbul.  RSVP here and come along!

Please welcome new mentors and mentees!

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