MentorWIN Mid-Year Update

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As we welcome summer and slow down our event frequency, we would like to share some exciting updates with you.  But first things first, we thank ...

As we welcome summer and slow down our event frequency, we would like to share some exciting updates with you.  

But first things first, we thank our mentors and mentees who are participating in our mentoring program and a wholehearted journey with another amazing woman. THANK YOU!

 Since September 2015, we had 96 mentoring matches and have over 120 mentors in our sisterhood network. 

 We share a monthly newsletter and regular events for our mentoring program participants. Since September we had: 

  • Two Mentor Appreciation Breakfasts. The first one was with, Vice President and General Manager for Business Development and Strategy of Intel, Ayşegül İldeniz. We hosted the second one with President of EMCC Turkey, Dr. Rıza Kadılar. We thank them for sharing their mentoring experiences with our mentors.
  • 2 Mentoring Refresher Events and 1 Online Mentoring Learning Circle: Mentoring Refresher event with Rana Özşeker, Mentoring Refresher with Bahar Moralıgil Kağıtçıbaşı and Online Mentoring Learning Circle "Mentor's Role in Managing the Change" with Rana Özşeker.
  • A lovely partnership with a sisterhood network, the Professional Women's Network Istanbul. We  collaborated on our mentoring learning circle series with three events: How to Design a Dream Board with Rana Özşeker, Mentoring Y Generation with Burcu Yalman and Coaching Techniques for Effective Mentoring with Oya Günay. 
  • We designed a mentoring program with the amazing EnerjiSA team for EnerjiSA's women leaders to join the TurkishWIN mentoring program.


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We are offering our mentoring know-how in extended circles to evangelize mentoring in other women networks:

  • We kicked-off a Mentoring Program with Avon to match their Area Sales Managers with women university students who would like to pursue a career in sales. We have completed 15 matches in different cities including Antalya, Aydın, Urfa, İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Kayseri and more.
  • We are advising the Antalya KGK (Women Entrepreneurs Council) in designing and launching a Mentoring Program. Women are on the go! We are now in the matching phase of this pilot project.

Last but not least, we thank our mentoring program partners RNA Change Management and EMCC for their continued support throughout the year.

And our volunteers: We have a new advisor! Ayse Oktem, an amazing TurkishWIN member is working with us to improve and scale our program. We thank her for her  time and support!

Our campus leader Dilek Şaşkın has been a hero behind the scenes to improve our processes. Thank you Dilek!

As always, your suggestions and feedback are invaluable for us. Please send them our way a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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