Do you have a Reverse Mentor? Why not!

Do you have a Reverse Mentor? Why not!

In 2015, millennials became the largest share of the workforce. By 2025, that number will be 76% globally (source). Millenials are digital natives and join the work force with excitement for technology, team work and digital acumen.

With as many as five generations working side by side in today’s workplace, leaders and managers are confronted as never before with a growing generational gap and shifting expectations.

Furthermore, in the ever changing work environment, the work force is becoming liquid. New skills are required, skill gaps shift in time and technology truly empowers innovation and business processes. We all work hard to stay on the cutting ‘digital’ edge.

The TurkishWIN Reverse Mentoring Program brings together Millennials and generation Ys to connect with baby boomers and generation Xers. The program began in January 2017 with a kickoff event in Istanbul, which you can see pictures of here. Participants in the program share an open dialogue and experiences in technology, social media, talent management and current consumer trends. Mainly, we are pairing women leaders with young professionals or university students, our fantastic CampusWINners.

Here are two stories from our reverse mentoring pairs:

Özlem Yeşildere



Reverse Mentee:

Özlem Yeşildere, CFO of Koton

Reverse Mentor:

Merve Köse, Galatasaray University 
General Electric Finance Trainee






Mentor’s Testimonial:

"Reverse mentoring is full of experiences to share advice on the skills that you feel comfortable with in your daily life. You may think giving advice is going to be much easier than taking consultation, but you will be surprised! You should be prepared for any questions that your mentee can ask and you will get the challenging idea of this reverse sprit! Thanks to TurkishWIN to be a part of this amazing journey."

Tilbe Cetin Gaye Goker Braida




Sharing Reverse Mentee:

Gaye Göker Braida, President, Global Securities

Reverse Mentor:

Tilbe Çetin, ServCorp, Marketing Executive





Mentee’s Testimonial:

“I was mentoring in the TurkishWIN Mentoring Program for a while. I heard about Reverse Mentoring which gave me a chance to know the new generation better, understand them and work with them more efficiently and in harmony in my workplace. I didn’t want to miss the chance! I learned a lot from my mentor in this sense. I had a chance to observe her and try to understand her in every communication we had. While acknowledging her talents in technology, we had a chance to inform each other about new trends. We learned from each other. Most importantly, a young vivacious woman’s understanding of a career impressed me a lot. It was a great experience to see her accountability in her responsibilities and she performed her mentoring job in a very planned, sincere and earnest way.”

Mentor’s Testimonial:

“To be honest, being a reverse mentor scared me a lot but it was a great opportunity. After the first meeting with my mentee, all the tension I felt before was gone. I also learned a lot from her because my mentee was keeping up with the latest trends in technology. I had a chance to see how her generation sees us. This helped me to evaluate myself more realistically. I am grateful that she enlightened me about myself and my environment. To sum up, she was both a mentee and a mentor for me.”

And yes, you can participate in our MentorWIN Programs (regular or reverse mentoring) as a TurkishWIN member. Whether you are in the sisterhood or not, we highly recommend you find your reverse mentor for a new perspective to the future!

To learn more about the MentorWIN program and become a mentor or mentee today, check out our website or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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