How to Build Super Teams

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The TurkishWIN Team is a big fan of learning and growing. Not only do we learn at events from TurkishWINners, we also learn from our partners. Recentl...

The TurkishWIN Team is a big fan of learning and growing. Not only do we learn at events from TurkishWINners, we also learn from our partners. Recently, we were led by Mine Yücesoy, Founder of Bizim Ik Işleri, as our interim Executive Director. Mine introduced us to new tools and our amazing partner, İş Kavramları, and  the Talent Insights Motivator toolset to reflect on our teams strengths and weaknesses.   We keep on learning on our quest to build our super team!

 In this Learning Circle, the TurkishWIN team and our partners reflected on our journey and shared key takeaways. Hasan Tahsin Güngör, Consultant at İş Kavramları, Mine Yücesoy, Founder of Bizim Ik Işleri, and Melek Pulatkonak, Founder of TurkishWIN shared experiences.

Melek started the circle by sharing the TurkishWIN journey. As a small team, our goal is to become a super team with diverse backgrounds and strengths. Part of our interim leadership journey led to a review of our work flow and the way we work. We then used the Talent Insights Motivator tests to learn each other’s motivation and reflect on our strengths as a team. Boy, aren’t we colorful. It was wonderful to use a tool to discover each other and establish a new language to communicate with each other. One would say, I am working on raising my sense of urgency- watch my red rise right now. We now have such insider jokes! The entire process was facilitated by Mine, our interim Executive Director at that time.

Next, our partner, Hasan Tahsin Güngör, Consultant at İş Kavramları, shared the theory and work behind the methodology of TTI Success Insights (TTI). İş Kavramları is representative of TTI in Turkey.  He started by saying that it is impossible to assess people in a single dimension. The “science of self” is a multiscience which requires a profound assessment of the person. We reviewed two test methodologies. The TriMetrix test assesses four factors: behaviors, talent, motivators, and emotional intelligence whereas the Talent Insights test takes into account only two of these; behaviors and motivators.

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According to the results of the evaluation tests, our most dominant behaviors and the motivators that drive us are revealed. There are four colors that define specific behavioral types. Depending on your flavor- introvert or outgoing; emotional or logical- you will see your color combination and the average across Turkey. One color is not better than the other. For example, a job requirement may demand someone with dazzling yellow strengths to  influence others. Yet another task may be best executed by someone who is super disciplined and organized – a wonderful blue. It is crucial to realize the requirements of our task in hand and adapt our behaviors accordingly. This Works like magic- knowing ourselves and the world around us!

 Mine mentioned that people are happier if they feel their strengths and behaviors are compatible with the job requirements. The tests provide a detailed assessment for us to also discover what kind of jobs would fulfill us the most. However, even if what the job requires does not tap into one of our strong sides, it is possible to adapt our behaviors to achieve a better fit for our task in hand.

                Knowing our potential and our limits was another key takeaway. If we truly understand how we act in particular conditions, then we can manage ourselves much better. For example, if your red color is below average and there is a crisis in the team that requires everyone to act quickly, you will know that your tendency is not to act quickly. But to help your team to overcome the situation, you may be able to say: “Ok, this situation requires me to raise my sense of urgency to help the team. Let’s go! ” When we discover our limits, we might find new ways to develop ourselves – what a gift!!

                Mine emphasized on the importance of giving feedback. If everyone is aware of each other’s   behaviors and motivators, we understand a co-worker’s reactions and work style much better. We can also give each other feedback with that sense of understanding. Simply, we are all different and unique- adding value to the team when we bring our whole selves to the workplace. Generally, these evaluations – Trimetrix or Talent Insights help create a common sense of understanding between people in planning and managing business and daily matters.

Melek shared the TurkishWIN journey. All team members took the Talent Motivator test. In Mine’s leadership and facilitation, we reflected on the team’s strengths and weaknesses. We also learned to whom to go to when we need to adjust our behaviors for some tasks. As a team, we decided what to stop-start-keep the same in the team. We are still working on building up our super team!

Hasan Tahsin added: “The real accomplishment is to become a rainbow.” He added that people frequently make the mistake of confusing a competency with talent. When the Human Resources interview a person, if they are only interested in the person’s talents, they are not seeing the whole picture. In reality, behaviors, talents, and emotional intelligence all together form the competency. So, our talents are not enough to define who we are.   

Last but not least, we talked about stress- our dear friend. We all agree that we need to learn to manage it- getting rid of it is a utopia.  We can tap into our knowledge of our behaviors and motivators to manage our stress better. İsn’t this a bonus!

We thank Hasan Tahsin Güngör, Mine Yücesoy and Melek Pulatkonak for this lovely learning circle. We also thank WorkHaus for hosting us. We wish to see you in our next event!

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