TurkishWIN Talk: Ups and Downs

On February 24, TurkishWINners gathered for the first TurkishWIN Talk of 2016: Ups and Downs! Our inspiring speakers shared their "Ups and Downs" stor...

The 1 Question You Must Ask Your Mentor

How important is mentorship for business owners? Incredibly, according to research, having a wise head with whom you can talk through the ups and down...

TurkishWIN Career Day

Kingsley Aikins interviews Melek Pulatkonak, the Founder of the Turkish International Network. Diaspora surely matters!   

Why TurkishWIN. Why Me. Why Now.

I get this question a lot: how did you come up with the idea of a sisterhood network? Why TurkishWIN? Why now?  Why me? This is my story! 

CampusWIN January Leadership Meeting

CampusWIN committee leaders off their first "A Cup of Learning" monthly review session of the year on January 23rd. Heavy weather conditions could not...

TurkishWIN & AryaWIP event "StartingUp; Law 101"

Employees thrive when leaders take a genuine interest in each individual, providing honest feedback, opportunities for development and supporting thei...

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