CEOs Need Mentors Too

CEOs must keep raising their game—and having their thinking usefully challenged—for the good of their organizations. They must routinely make decisions concerning matters they’ve never before tackled. When have they ever had to spearhead a takeover—or defend against one? Resolve a crisis as the public face of the company? Deal with a board of power... Continue reading

Mentoring - An Essential Leadership Skill

Employees thrive when leaders take a genuine interest in each individual, providing honest feedback, opportunities for development and supporting their growth. These behaviours are synonymous with mentoring. Leaders who use mentoring skills are essential to employee engagement, retaining and developing talent, and aligning and supporting employee's... Continue reading

TurkishWIN&Arya Learning Circle "Know Your Customer, Get Ahead"

TurkishWINners met with Sebnem Demirel, Customer Experience Head in Project House CX, CRM & Loyalty consultant, Singer in a couple of bands, social, humanist, fun, people's-person. Thank you Sebnem Demirel and @ProjectHouse for your warm welcome, hospitality at our learning circle with Arya WIP's! Continue reading

Our Campus blog ‘Kampus Ses Ver’ has an all new look!

Our campus blog ‘’ is a CampusWIN invention that has grown and transformed into an influential, multi-university student platform. Campus Leaders create all of the content and designs for the blog. Now, Kampus Ses Ver is more user- friendly than ever! With its new interface and design, students have access to campus bulletins, inter... Continue reading

2015 has been a great year at TurkishWIN !

2015 has been a great year at TurkishWIN with TurkishWINner's support and participation! We have hosted 92 events, heard from 124 speakers and been uplifted again and again by the generosity, courage and accomplishments of the members of our #sisterhoodnetwork4change! Continue reading

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